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Egg Salad

on February 2, 2012

I either have no eggs in my house or 2 dozen…  if you ever find yourself in a similar position, please make this!



12 peeled hard boiled eggs

(put eggs in cold water, place over high heat, once water is boiling, cover and turn off heat.  let sit for 13 minutes then immediately cover in ice bath.  perfect eggs every time, no green ring, no soft centers.  also, older eggs are easier to peel, so don’t use the freshest ones in your fridge)

1/2 cup mayo (i usually add a dash of lemon juice to mayo to make it taste a little more homemade)

2TBS dijon mustard

2 tsp chives

1TBS fresh dill

2TBS pimentos

salt and pepper to taste



smash up eggs with your hands, or a fork, or if you are really fancy, a food processor.  Then, add all other ingredients and stir until combined!  Serve on warm toast, with crackers, or a hollowed out tomato.  Pretty and yummy!



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